Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Receive instant notifications whenever a leak occurs in your home.
  • Place our carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home for help with complete protection.
  • Thanks to its wireless capabilities, our battery-powered carbon monoxide sensors are easy-to-use and install.


Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. Every homeowner worries about a carbon monoxide leak in their home. Fix the problem as soon as a leak occurs with SafeStreets’ carbon monoxide detectors. Whenever one of your carbon monoxide detectors detect a leak, you will receive instant notifications on all of your connected devices. Get in touch with our Smart Security Pros to learn more about our carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Detectors are connected to a 24/7 ADT monitoring center, so ADT professionals will be there to dispatch the police if your sensors are triggered when your system is armed.


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